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Nowadays, payment for goods and services via the Internet is as common as shopping in an offline store. The main tools for online payment are bank cards, which are used to be called “credit cards”. The most important position among them is taken by prepaid cards.

So, what is a Virtual Visa Card, and what is it used for?

A Virtual Visa Card is a card numbers, which has a certain amount by the time of purchase. It allows you to make purchases or pay for services on the same principle as a regular card, but a prepaid card cannot be recharged. Payments are made on behalf of the issuing bank, not by the cardholder. It allows using some types of prepaid cards anonymously. This important point would be explained later on.

Virtual Visa Card (VVC) is a complete analog of the usual plastic credit card. It has exactly the same data set: a card number, an expiration date, a security code, and a pin code. The main difference of a virtual card from the regular one is that the virtual one hasn’t a physical carrier and can’t be held in hands. At the same time, using a virtual card, you can also make purchases on the Internet and make payments via telephone.

What is the advantage of a Virtual Visa Card comparing to regular? It could be purchased online at any time around a clock and get ready to use immediately, purchasing goods and services.

Finally, what is the advantage of Our Virtual Visa Card comparing to other virtual prepaid cards, looking similar at first glance?

  1. Our Virtual Visa cards can be registered to any name, including an imaginary one. As a result, you get an anonymous virtual card. How does it work? Our cards support the Address Verification System (AVS) and can be used with any name and any fake address. When registering our Virtual Visa Cards, no identity verification is performed, no ID or any other documents confirming the name and address of registration are required. As a result, you can make payments anonymously by registering a card with a fictitious name and any existing address.
  2. Using our Virtual Visa Cards guarantees the confidentiality of both personal information and information about paid goods and services.
  3. Our Virtual cards, unlike most virtual cards, are identified as an ordinary plastic (non-virtual) prepaid cards. Therefore, there are no restrictions on them, applied to other virtual cards sometimes. Virtual Visa Cards can be used for online payments in various currencies around the world, wherever regular prepaid Visa cards are accepted.
  4. We offer a large selection of card values. You can choose an appropriate value for particular goods payments. And this is why you have no reason to worry about your card details might be stolen while you pay online.
  5. Virtual Visa Card could be purchased using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Perfect Money, and Webmoney. Bitcoin to Visa exchange takes a few minutes. Virtual Cards use is a convenient way to exchange electronic currencies for real money. This money can be used to buy goods and services on the Internet.
  6. You can buy a virtual card in a few clicks. A purchase takes less than a minute, and in case of payment through Bitcoin (BTC) no more than 15 minutes. A buyer receives the card immediately after proceeding the payment, and when paying with cryptocurrency, the card is issued immediately after the payment is confirmed.
  7. Our Virtual Visa Card is sold online automatically. It makes the purchase process convenient, fast and affordable 24/7.
  8. Checking the balance and statement of the card is available on our website at any time.
  9. A virtual Visa Card is a great gift. You can buy a card or donate it by sending it via email. At the same time, the confidentiality of personal information is maintained – both yours and a recipient of the gift.
  10. A Virtual Visa Card has a validity of 1 year and can be used until the expiration date. So, if it is important for you to buy an instant anonymous prepaid virtual card online, it is here.

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